„I was just sitting in the cellar in Kamenica nad Hronom. It was dark with only some candles lit. Outside the weather was cool and I was sipping Attila’s wines and listening to stories about his predecessors, fairs held a hundred years ago, anecdotes and what wine could be like in Mužla hill two hundred years ago.” (…) „Attention. Silence. Understanding. Honesty. All these words and their meanings can be found in Attila’s wines.”
Geönczeöl Pince – Tramini 2017
Rose-watery, ripe Williams pear scent typical of the Tramini variety appears in the glass. This wine is easy to drink but is not for beginners who get dazed by the scent and think it is just some simple sweet wine. Let’s try to see what is in the deep and discover the details behind the scent. It is well worth it.